The aim is to boost Portuguese music on both a national and international level, creating a platform showcasing music made in the diaspora. This will promote and add value to Portuguese musical heritage and creations, whilst providing an inventory of Portuguese professional musicians, cultural groups, and associations that have regular activities abroad with Portuguese communities. The digital platform will have an online radio station; a sharing space that should facilitate cooperation among Portuguese artists worldwide

The Mission Meridian Project Structure was constituted by the Resolution of Council of Ministers 50/2018.

Its Executive Committee consists of the following elements:

Coordinator: Joao Gil

Designated by Government:

– Foreign affairs: Bruno Julião and Cristiana Caetano;

– Culture: Francisco Guerra;

– Science, technology and higher education: Rui Vieira Nery;

– Education: Manuel Rocha;

– Tourism: Maria Joao Toscano Silva.

The Mission Structure is dependent on the Foreign Affairs department and Camões- Institute of Cooperation and Language, I.P. provides the means of support needed to achieve its objectives.



The external projection of our country through promotion of our musical heritage will respect diversity and history, and will always be oriented towards the gains of scale resulting from our action.